Friday Seminar

On Seminar Day experienced jam organizers and jammers around the globe share their experiences in short talks.


10:00 Bus leaves from Helsinki city center
10:30 Bus at Helsinki airport
11:00 Registration opens at Sappee

13:00 Lunch at Tent
14:00 Opening words: Annakaisa Kultima, Finnish Game Jam
14:15-14:30 Keynote: Yadu Rajiv: Game Jams in India – Our Story So Far
14:30-14:45 Kacper Domański: Game Jams of Poland
14:40-15:00 Mathias Jensen: More than a Jam: Nordic Game Jam’s Evolution
15:00- 15:15 Chris Filip: Learning to Let Go
15:15-15:30 Johanna Summers: 47 to 47,000 – Managing Community Events on a Global Scale
15:30-15:45 Sebastian Laitila: Using Service Design in Hackathons and Game Jams
15:45-16:00 Licia Prehn: Jamming With Blind People and Being Nice
16:00 Coffee Break
16:40 Group Photo! (Bring your unicorns!)
16:45-17:00 Jupiter Hadley: Trying To Document All the Game Jam Games
17:00-17:15 Julia Rässa: Love Is Tested… and Debugged!
17:15-17:30 Elie Abraham: How Jamming Saved/Ruined My Life
17:30-18:00 Lightning talks and workshop advertisements!
19:00 Saunas, hot tubs, grilling, party!
20:00-22:00 MC Licia and other performances at Tent
23:00 Bus leaves towards Helsinki
24:00 Hot tubs closed
01:00 Saunas closed

Speakers and Talks

Trying To Document All the Game Jam Games

Jupiter Hadley, (England, London)

Jupiter will be speaking about why she covers game jams on Youtube, the start of, her experience with game jams, and how she’s been able to follow developer’s growth through the game jam scene.

Jupiter Hadley is one of the creators of – an online calendar of all of the game jams happening in the world. She’s also spent years covering thousands of game jam games on her Youtube channel and through articles.

Game Jams in India – Our Story So Far

Yadu Rajiv, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore, India)

Yadu will talk about the brief history of game development, indie and jam scene in India.

Yadu Rajiv is a game designer, developer, a curator and evangelist for independent games. In 2011, he co-founded Hashstash Studios, where he designed and developed multiple games. He teaches user experience design, game design and game development at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India. He has been building and supporting game-design and development communities since 2008 and is currently working on Yadu writes about game design, game UX and development on Twitter under his handle, @yadurajiv as well as on his blog.

How Jamming Saved/Ruined My Life

Elie Abraham (Finland, Helsinki)

In a few short years, Elie used jamming as a path to develop their video game career to the point that it rocketed them into having a sustainable career as a game developer. When they reflect on their career and look at their accomplishments from a tweet that affected someone’s way of thinking to a game jam live-stream of them breaking a world record, they realized they have so much to show for how hard they worked. And at times it wasn’t even worth it. This talk is about what happened since the 2018 world record attempt and lessons they wish they hadn’t learned the hard way.

Elie Abraham is a games writer, audio developer, and unyielding game jammer from Helsinki, Finland who set a world record when they livestreamed themselves soundtracking 30 jam games at Global Game Jam 2019. While known for their work on games like Dandara, Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks), and Birds With Feelings, Elie is also a queer activist featured in the book Näkymätön Sukupuoli (“Invisible Gender”) and a stand-up comedian who hosts the first ever live game developer stand-up comedy series, Funny = TRUE.

Game Jams of Poland

Kacper Domański, The Astronauts/Slavic Game Jam (Poland, Warsaw)

Kacper will go over every major/interesting game jam happening in Poland and highlight what’s unique about them.

Kacper Domański is Slavic Game Jam main organizer, stressless jamming advocate, programmer/designer @ The Astronauts working on Witchfire.

47 to 47,000 – Managing Community Events on a Global Scale

Jo Summers, Global Game Jam (UK, Brighton)

An exploration into some of the process differences when you scale up from a local community event to thinking about a global one. Plus a few new stories from GGJ events around the world.

Jo has over 10 years of experience curating and producing community technology events, including Hackathons, Barcamps, Maker Faires and videogame parties. She is a passionate advocate for showcasing weird and wonderful games to the general public, as well as supporting and promoting diversity within the creation of games. She is currently working as the Executive Producer for Global Game Jam.

More than a jam: Nordic Game Jam’s evolution

Mathias Jensen, Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen, Denmark)

In this talk Mathias will go through some of the recent changes that have been made to the Nordic Game Jam format, and what was learned from executing them at Nordic Game Jam 2019. He will also cover how the communication strategy for NGJ planned and executed .

Mathias Jensen is Head of Communication of Nordic Game Jam. Currently, he’s studying a Master of Game Design at the IT-University in Copenhagen. He’s kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to games – with an interest in both coding, audio, and level & graphic design. Academically, he is pursuing research on how new models of co-design is changing and benefiting the game design process. Mathias loves action, puzzles, and survival games. Like the true hipster he is, Mathias thinks the indie scenes are the most exciting place right now in game making, with new models and modes of experimentation of game making flourishing there.

Learning to Let Go

Chris Filip, Game Heroes / Game Anglia (Romania, Bucharest)

Chris will talk about how they grew the Bucharest Global Game Jam team, how that transitioned into an international project called Game Heroes that spans Central and Eastern Europe and how they distanced themself from the team once it was able to manage itself, to allow it to grow into its own. The audience will learn about attachment and ways in which to know when it’s time for you to move on and let a team work without you managing it.

Chris is a maker and a starter. He has been creating and growing communities since he was 16 in a variety of fields, most recently in games development education. He is the co-founder of Game Anglia, a not-for-profit organisation which holds game dev education events in the UK as well as Game Heroes, a community of like-minded people creating game events in Central and Eastern Europe. He has been the Bucharest site organiser for the Global Game Jam since 2016. At the moment, Chris also teaches game design to high schoolers at the Colchester Institute in the UK.

Using Service Design in Hackathons and Game Jams

Sebastian Laitila, Design Centre Muova (Vaasa, Finland)

Sebastian’s talk will center around using the methods of service design in building your jam game concept. As a tool it has been proven to be effective in creating impactful jam/competition games as it focuses on the interaction between the game and the user from reading the description/installing the game to moving on. Sebastian will be using the case of winning second place in Visma’s Wilma Goes Gaming game development competition and how they used service design to prototype ‘a game for game competition reviewers.

Sebastian is an interaction designer, software developer, graphic designer, educator and enthusiastic game jammer/hackathon organizer who is currently building a VR service prototyping platform for SME:s and researchers. Aficionado of colorful socks.

Jamming with Blind People and Being Nice          

Felicia Prehn, Nopia Oy (Pori, Finland) 

when disabled people want to join game jams it can be stressful to know if there are measures in place so that we can actually participate, sometimes informed can be hard to obtain, and also people on teams can sometimes be afraid of having a disabled member. I want to give information on how we can improve the situation for everyone and have a more blind-friendly jam culture.

Felicia Prehn is a game producer, accessibility advocate, voice actress, and dance artist. She has given lectures all over Europe and is also almost completely blind.

Love Is Tested… and debugged!

Julia Rässa (Tallinn, Estonia)

Is it too early to stereotype Coders and Artists? Is making a game about game developers blasphemous? Well, my friends liked it. I’d like to brag about a dating game – “LoveBug”, story of which takes place at a game jam, and how the game works as a pastiche on the identity of game developers, and as an exploration of the game jam values. + other lessons learned by a bunch of students about communication, trust and keeping in touch with the community you’re trying to portray.             

Julia is an Estonian-Slav, lived in Finland for 4 years, got a degree in Game Design, dipped her feet in Narrative Design and Concept Art, released a dating sim called LoveBug on Steam. Otherwise, an avid game jam hobo just like the rest of you! Might have instigated the pancake apocalypse of Jam Jam 2018, but has yet to be proven guilty.

Participants of Jam Jam 2018 focusing on presentations at the Jam Jam 2018 tent.

All Jam Jam tickets include access to the Seminar Day. If you purchase Seminar Day ticket, you are also eligible for the bus ride from Helsinki on Friday morning and back to Helsinki on Friday night.