Jam Jam cottage living rooms will work as spaces for 1-2 h workshops open for everyone on Saturday. The workshops can be related to game jams, game making or anything that inspires the crowd of the festival. In 2018 we had workshops for beginner game jam organizers, IGDA workshops, FGJ graphics and av team workshops, game jam tools workshop, 1 h game jam as well as one pancake workshop among other spontaneous workshops!

Confirmed workshops

Jam Jam 1h Jam

Henri Sarasvirta, Moido Games / Finnish Game Jam (Finland, Tampere)

One hour game jam. Make a game in one hour. Theme will be announced at the beginning. Jamming is allowed in group or as a solo. No limitations on what kind of game is being created. Uploading to itch at the end is recommended, but not mandatory.

Henri Sarasvirta is an enthusiast game jammer and a game developer since 2007.

Highlighting the FGJ19 Livestream

Teemu Kokkonen, Finnish Game Jam (Finland, Kuopio)

In this workshop we wade through the 40 Gigabyte and clip anything that is not simple webcam rotation on the stream. In this workshop you will hopefully gain knowledge of yet undesignated video editing software and it’s video clipping capabilities, as well as familiarize yourself with what kind of public nationwide livestream we are doing in Finland during the Global Game Jam. You will also be able to discuss and consult the main stream team lead regarding the technicalities.

Teemu Kokkonen is the Finnish Game Jam Audiovisual and FGJTV team lead and FGJ ry board member. He started organizing game jams since 2015 and gradually moved to contribute to the back-end of the organization.

Pancake Jam

Joni Finne, Finnish Game Jam / KSAO (Finland, Kouvola)

We make pancakes. Easy and simple. For novice to master bakers.

Joni Finne is a teacher at KSAO, community manager and board member at Finnish Game Jam, board member at IGDA Finland, Engineer of Computer Sciences, and been making pancakes for over 15 years now.

The Complimentary Workshop

Laurie Hayes, Zelos (Tallinn, Estonia)

Practice giving and receiving sincere compliments. Why? Because working hard isn’t always a thankless task, but we do forget how to accept acknowledgement.

Laurie Hayes tells stories and cheers people on. A practiced introvert, Laurie can be easily recognized by the alchemical process of transmuting anxiety into enthusiasm.

If you have an idea for a workshop, apply a slot here!

Workshop in action at the main cabin of Jam Jam 2018. This is the biggest workshop space in the main cottage.