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The Finnish Game Jam Awards 2016

Tickets for the Finnish Game Jam Awards are now available! Go grab yours and start preparing for THE Party of the year! Details and join here!

The Game Development World Championship 2016

The GDWC16 has been unveiled! Still feel the urge the create games? We do and the Finnish Game Jam Association will be supporting the Game Development World Championship 2016 all year! GDWC16 is a competition open to game developers and enthusiasts alike all around the world with some sweet prizes …

Errantry: an adventure game creation tool by Meanfish

Our dear sponsor Meanfish, known for years of experience creating educational and serious games is launching Errantry, an open source cloud based tool for content, logic creation and management in point-and-click adventure games. Jammers are given full access to the tool at the start of the jam with Meanfish sending …