Wrapping up #FGJ16

Another Global Game Jam has been successfully completed.

#FGJ16 comprised of 927 jammers creating 222 games in 22 locations all over Finland, breaking our all previous records with a good margin. More than 80 volunteers made the events happen. Finland is a super-jammer country: we created more games per capita than any other country, and even looking at the absolute numbers, we stand at an amazing sixth position. Great job! Globally, over 36,000 jammers in 93 countries created almost 6800 games – another record-breaking year for the GGJ as well.

Games made by GGJ16 countries compared to population

Games made by GGJ16 countries compared to population

One of our sites was located in the wilderness of Lapland. This Survival Mode took 25 esteemed game developers and experienced jammers to create games with extra technological limitations.

This year, the theme for the game jam was “ritual”. Survival Mode had an additional exclusive theme, “border”. In addition, all groups had the possibility to add voluntary diversifiers to their game.

You can find all the Finnish games from the GGJ site. We have also comprised a playlist on YouTube with gameplay videos of the Finnish games. Check out also our event videos from the different #FGJ16 locations.

Our sincere thanks to our national sponsors Meanfish, Viope, PlayRaven, and White Nights as well as our 60+ local sponsors and enablers!

Here are the FGJ keynote, the GGJ keynote and theme announcement and the FGJ endote: