Quantum Game Jam 2016!

We have a date for the Quantum Game Jam 2016. The third annual Quantum Game Jam will be held on the last weekend of November: 25th-27th Nov, 2016!

Please stay tuned for more information!

Theme videos

All the sites are jamming, so here are the theme videos:

As seen from the videos, the themes for the weekend are “Quantum Rules” and “Citizen Science”. Thank you Turku Centre for Quantum Physics and Aarhus University Center for Community Driven Research for creating the videos! We can’t wait to see the games that come out of these!

Welcome to Quantum Game Jam!

Quantum Game Jam will be organized on the 18-20th of September 2015. The first Quantum Game Jam was organized at the Tuorla Observatory, Finland in 2014. word cloud This time the event will be global and everyone can participate regardless of their location! We will soon open the registration, stay tuned!