Quantum Wheel participants are talented artists, game makers and physicists from around the world.

Jaakko Iisalo
Game developer generalist, best known as the designer of Angry Birds.
Jaakko Iisalo
Game developer generalist, best known as the designer of Angry Birds.
Samuli Jääskeläinen
Game developer, furious jammer and unpredictable traveller. Creator of over 100 games.
James Wootton
One of the many scientists developing quantum computers at IBM. Actively involved in helping people start exploring the world of quantum. Made the first experimental games for quantum computers.
Matt Bengston
Software developer of game services for game engines by trade, and by night/weekend a hobbyist game developer and pixel artist that likes to experiment with new things.
Björn Lindholm
Game development streamer known as GameDevCompany on Twitch. Graduated from MediaLab at Aalto University. Polyglot game developer making his own games for years and sharing the passion.
Sabine Harrer
Austrian media artist and games researcher currently working at Tampere of University. A member of the Copenhagen Games Collective, she has collaborated on experimental games using sound, wearables, mobile, organic, and alt.ctrl technologies.
Elie Abraham
Legendary audio developer and jamtivist.
Julia Rässa
Estonian lass currently working as a Narrative Designer. Known for the game dev dating sim game called LoveBug, and keeping a pet snail.
Sun Park
Game designer / dev event organizer based in Seoul, South Korea. Known as a developer of 6180 the moon. He always struggles to create weird cool games.
Lassi Vapaakallio
Biotech student turned computer scientist turned game designer. Always looking to learn something new and create something weird.
Antti Svenn
Software developer with 20+ years of experience over a multitude of platforms and technologies.
Jere Sanisalo
Long time game developer and computer enthusiast. Has been working at Housemarque making excellent games for over 16 years now.
Henri Sarasvirta
Enthusiast jammer and a programmer. Working at Moido Games and doing jams/demoscene/radio whenever he can.
Guillermo García-Pérez
Physicist studying classical and quantum complex networks at the University of Turku.
Henri Niva
Game design student and a hobbyist jammer for 8 years. Constantly curious about the world we live in, especially engineering-related topics.
Igor Sokolov
PhD student at IBM Rueschlikon Zurich. Researching quantum algorithms for electronic structure calculations. Holds the BSc and the MSc degrees in Physics respectively from EPFL and ETHZ. Grew up playing various single player and online video games.
Daria Anttila
Theoretical physics student at the University of Turku. Organizing different kinds of events, among other things theoretical physics events where participants can get to know theoretical physics via funny activities.
Ivan P. Yamshchikov
Physicist by training, have a PhD in applied Mathematics and currently work as a postdoc on new methods for Machine Learning. Fascinated with probability, statistics and autonomous “smart” agents, anturally. Also a huge Board-Game fan.
Adelina Lintuluoto
Physics student at the University of Helsinki. Has always enjoyed being creative and recently found an outlet for that in game developing.
Boris Sokolov
A quantum physics PhD student with a bit of 3d graphics experience and some Python skills.
Kacper Domanski
Game developer from Warsaw working on Witchfire at The Astronauts, in spare time organizing Slavic Game Jam. Makes games wherever he goes.
Laura Piispanen
An all-around do-it-all multitask doctoral student majoring in quantum information and finishing a master’s in computer science. Also quite artsy and creative. Java and Python background.
Victor Minin
Programmer who likes to make games.
Vasilii Sevriuk
Studied physics and did research in the field of nanotechnology and quantum physics in Russia and Germany. Now, for one and a half years, been working at Aalto University in Quantum Computing and Devices group.
Walter Talarico
Quantum physicist, who likes to play guitar, coding, watching movies and chilling out with friends.
Reetu Kontio
Second year computer science student from Aalto university. Very much into gaming, game development and design.
Leevi Leppäjärvi
Theoretical physics PhD student working on the foundations of quantum theory. A bit of experience in programming and with Unity.
Petri Sarasvirta
Software architect with passion to game jams, demoscene and programming. Working at Gofore making the next generation of online public services.
Sebastian Laitila
Game jam hobbyist and game developer with a visual design and programming background. Working as the developer of a VR service design platform for the process industry at Design Centre Muova.
Simon Nielsen
A game developer with a focus on graphics, game design, and programming, Simon has worked on commercial console and PC games as well as experimental projects with the Copenhagen Game Collective.
Jaakko Sirén
Game programmer and active jammer.
Nadiia Honcharuk
Game artist, based in Helsinki, Finland, specialized in low poly real-time graphics and UI. Currently studying game design at Aalto University.
Teemu Kivikangas
Media artist and designer working with games as his medium. He has a day job as a senior game designer at MachineGames in Uppsala, Sweden.

Matteo Rossi
Physicist working at the University of Turku. Studying quantum information theory.
Henri Lyyra
A final-year quantum physics PhD student with a little experience in Python and Java. My main interest in physics is working in the interface of theoretical and experimental research. In my pastime, I like to play a tiny guitar and try to lift big things.
Oskari Kerppo
PhD student in theoretical physics from Turku. Beside quantum mechanics I also know some Python. In my freetime I like to lift weights and get crushed in chess. If you don’t recognize me from the picture it might have something to do with the mustache.