Two days to go!

The Global Game Jam is almost here and Finland is once again leading by example! This year we have more locations than ever: as many as 15 sites from Helsinki to Rovaniemi will gather jammers during the next weekend: FGJ Helsinki, FGJ Helsinki Arabia, FGJ Jyväskylä, FGJ Kajaani, FGJ Kuopio, FGJ Kymenlaakso, FGJ Lappeenranta, FGJ Oulu, FGJ Pohjois-Karjala, FGJ Rovaniemi, FGJ Satakunta, FGJ Seinäjoki, FGJ Tampere, FGJ Turku ja FGJ Ylivieska.

All the locations have their own feel and personality. For instance, in Tampere the jamming happens in the amusement park Särkänniemi, while in Oulu, a local game company Ludocraft will host the jam. Helsinki has not one, but two locations due to the high demand. The crazy Seinäjoki jumped along just today!

Let’s get ready!