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JamJam 2019 workshop

Already planned workshops:

Henri Sarasvirta

One hour Game Jam
Create a game in one hour.
by Henri Sarasvirta

Felicia Prehn

Accessibility at Jam Spaces
Together we’ll brainstorm how to make our jams as physically-accessible as possible to as many groups of people as possible. In the beginning we’ll look at some examples and then work together to make jams better for everyone!
by Felicia Prehn Twitter Linkedin

Samuli Jääskeläinen

Accommodating unconventional game development platforms
Jam games can be developed for various other platforms than pc and mobile. In this workshop we discuss ways to make game jams more inviting to people who want to try new development platforms during a jam.
by Samuli Jääskeläinen Twitter

Aarni Aspi

Jams & Pancakes
The time for the classic Jam Jam Jams & Pancakes is here again. In this workshop you can try out your creativity with making pancakes of your own choosing. Choose your ingredients, your jam and create pancakes to commemorate your time at Jam Jam!
by Aarni Aspi Twitter LinkedIn

Chris Filip

£4 for £1: how governments funding innovation leads to incredible returns
As the co-founder of Game Anglia, a UK not-for profit, and the Programme Manager of a creative innovation grant in his day-job at Creative UK, Chris is in a unique position to identify how non-repayable grants (for example, for game jams or game prototypes) enhance innovation and offer actual return-on-investment for the grantors, usually government bodies. In this workshop, Chris will show some real-world results of how grants create commercial innovation and will work with the participants to fill in grant requests that can be used both for EU and non-EU grants.
by Chris Filip Twitter

Sebastian Laitila

Workshopping workshop-based courses
In this workshop we will sketch out a course using a field-tested method, suitable for academics and game development educators alike, to create assignments and materials based on a core knowledge analysis to build engaging and efficient courses, both online and offline. The method is partially based on flipped learning.
by Sebastian Laitila Twitter Web

Julius Jämsén

Revenge of the Rap Workshop
We will write, compose and produce the most epic theme song / rap cypher of the Jam Jam 2022! Bring your instruments and pens, deepest thoughts and wittiest one-liners! You can write in any language you are most comfortable with and there is absolutely no prior experience needed.
by Julius Jämsén Instagram