Quantum Game Jam is a game jam that brings together scientists and game makers to create games that help quantum physicists to solve scientific problems and teach intuition of quantum phenomena. The first Quantum Game Jam was organized in Tuorla Observatory in Finland in 2014. In 2015, Quantum Game Jam went global and sites were organized in five countries around the world, and online participation was possible from anywhere. In 2016 we continue the journey!


A game jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a relatively short time span (for instance in 48 h). Typically participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.


There are three ways to participate in Quantum Game Jam:

Join an existing site: You can check the existing sites to see if there is a location near you.

Join as an online jammer: You can join the Quantum Game Jam from anywhere! Just put together a team and upload at the end of the jam!

Organize a site: If you want to organize a site, check the details and apply as a satellite site!