The Jam Jam

Jam Jam is a festival and retreat for game jam organizers and anyone interested in learning, discussing and sharing ideas on game jams. Jam Jam 2018 is organized by the Finnish Game Jam and is located in the middle of a Finnish forest, on top of a mountain called Sappeenvuori – about 2h car ride from Helsinki (see details from The Jam Jam 2018 is also supported by Neogames.

The event consists of a one-day seminar with talks on game jams and jam games as well as two days of retreat. On the retreat days you can decide what you work on – bring your jam organizing team and work with planning or debriefing your jams or come without an agenda and talk with all other jam organizers and jam-organizers-to-be brainstorming new jams and sharing lessons on organizing events.

The venue consists of eight well-equipped cabins with saunas and hot-tubs surrounded by the beauty of a Finnish forest and the power of the midnight sun of the Northern summer.

The tickets will cover the rent of the cottages, Friday’s seminar, lunches, snacks and the bus rides. You can also reserve a full cottage for ten, if you want to bring a big team with you.


Preparations Day, Thursday 28.6.

Join the preparations already on Thursday (limited space for accommodation).

Seminar Day, Friday 29.6.

The Jam Jam seminar day presents inspiring talks from game jam organizers and jammers around the world.

Check out the confirmed speakers!

(the Jam Jam bus will leave from Helsinki city center at 10am)

Retreat Days, Saturday & Sunday (30.6.-1.7.)

Work on your own game jams, discuss with other jam organizers and jammers, brainstorm new game jam ideas and create plans for the next ones. You can also hold 1-2 h workshops open for everyone on something that you think you would like to share as an organizer.

(the Jam Jam bus will arrive to Helsinki City center around 7pm on Sunday)