Press release: Finnish Game Jam celebrates Global Game Jam’s 10th anniversary

Finnish Game Jam, #FGJX, celebrates the tenth anniversary of Global Game Jam by once again arranging game development events throughout the country. On this special year, we additionally encourage various game jam stunts. Finland partakes in the GGJ now for the ninth time.

Participation in Finland is possible in more than 20 locations all the way from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, and we are expecting close to a thousand hobbyists and professionals taking part.

Game jams are crucial for many cities. The main organizer of FGJ Lahti, Joonas Muhonen, notes that jams are excellent meeting places for people interested in game development, especially in the cities where there’s not yet many game companies or game education. “In January’s jams you feel like you’re part of a bigger game dev family, and that might very well draw people in”, continues Muhonen.

Read the full press release (in Finnish) from here.

Call for stunt jams

Finnish Game Jam ry is supporting #FGJX jam sites to create something special for the celebrations of the 10th Global Game Jam. A stunt jam is an experiment that takes game jamming to another level – be it making a game for a planetarium full dome, jamming on a moving buss, together in the wilderness, or on a tandem bike. We have done this all, let’s do more!

Suggest a jam idea of 2-10 participants (or a small stunt that will happen at one of the #FGJX locations). We are also encouraging FGJ sites to organize a Friday sauna for the jammers, and will provide financial support for the most interesting jam saunas.

If you are a site organizer, start brainstorming your sauna ideas and other jam stunts and apply for funding! If you are not yet an organizer, come up with an idea of your special jam and we will fund the best stunts!