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Upcoming game jams and jam related events organized by Finnish Game Jam:

Interesting game jams organized by others:

  • Junction Game Jam24.11.2017 to 27.11.2017

    Game Jam hosted at Junction 2017. Also piloting new concept "Game Bash". We want to help young game developer teams to get more experience in launching their games.

  • Black Nights Film Festival GameJam24.11.2017 to 26.11.2017


  • Castle Game Jam7.4.2018 to 15.4.2018


  • Nordic Game Jam13.4.2018 to 16.4.2018


Report new jams or corrections with form below or by sending mail to calendar(at)finnishgamejam.com. Add our jam calendar to your Google calendars: 3vg4scgegn3dhqenscn91c29f4@group.calendar.google.com. See the full calendar here.

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