Finnish Game Jam Awards 2017

The Finnish Game Jam Awards will be held on April 26, 2017 at Steam Hellsinki and broadcasted for the whole world! The FGJ Awards is about celebrating Finnish jamming and giving recognition for creativity and the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Join us at Steam by registering through Eventbrite – everyone is invited! The event starts at 18:00, and the official program starts at 19:00. If you can’t make it, follow the broadcast on

The event Facebook page:

#jambike: Creating a game in the saddle

Can you create a video game while cycling?

The question will be answered by two game developers, Samuli Jääskeläinen and Jonne Harja. In May 2017, they will take a journey from Helsinki to Malmö, generating power and creating a game while they cycle. The duo travels with a tandem bike creating as clean and green game as possible. All happens in the saddle: one codes, the other one steers, while a dynamo and solar panels produce electricity.

The final destination for the team is the Nordic Game Conference where the game will be available to play. Follow the developments of the crazy ride from the official #jambike17 Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #jambike. For any questions, contact


Jonne and Samuli testing one of the tandem bike candidates in 30.3.2017.

Jonne and Samuli testing one of the tandem bike candidates on 30.3.2017.



Jam report: Train Jam (2017)

As a part of our scholarship program, Finnish Game Jam sent Miikka Harjuntausta to the Train Jam (US) to represent the Finnish jamming scene. Miikka traveled to Chicago from where over 300 jammers boarded a train to create games during the trip all the way to San Francisco. Miikka shares his experiences and tips in this report.

Hey hey,

This is my report from Train Jam 2017. I will be writing this for you that might be participating Train Jam in the future. I made my trip with with an awesome artist called Krista Erkkilä.miikkakrista

Train Jam is a game jam event that takes place in a train ride from Chicago to Emeryville, eventually ending up in San Francisco. This was the 4th time it was organized, and the first year when Amtrak was involved and the whole train was reserved just for us developers. There were over 300 game developers taking part in the train jam this year, with very different background varying from students to industry veterans. Continue reading

FGJ Scholarship: Train Jam 2017 (US) to Miikka Harjuntausta

Finnish Game Jam’s fourth scholarship is for the legendary Train Jam, as was our very first scholarship a year ago. This time we received a record-breaking number of applications, and with many excellent candidates the selection process was especially hard.

Miikka Harjuntausta was selected with the vast experience of over 20 game jams, including every Global Game Jam since the first Finnish Game Jam in 2010. We proudly send Miikka to the Train Jam to represent the Finnish jamming scene, and are looking forward to hear from his experiences! Miikka shared his feelings before the trip:

This is huge!toTrainJam

I’ve been participating in different game jams ever since FGJ crew has been organising them. To me game jams are about community, good times, bad times, stress, challenge, inspiration and growth.

Game jam can be a tool to prototype new idea/concept with freedom of failure. It can be a time to learn something new, or it can be about meeting people.

It can be so many things!

I am immensely grateful that there are people who keep organising these events, and that I’ve been given this opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting jams in the world. I am happy, exited and terrified.

Thank you FGJ! Thank you Finnish Game Dev Community!

FGJ Train Jam (US) 2017 Scholarship

Finnish Game Jam ry is proud to announce our fourth jam scholarship! For the second time around FGJ is supporting one jammer’s participation to the Train Jam 2017 (United States).

Finnish Game Jam organization is awarding a ticket to the legendary Train Jam ( and a 1000 Eur travel aid to a prominent jammer willing to represent Finnish game jamming scene in the United States and bringing back the lessons learned to the community. The candidate for the scholarship is selected based on the applications sent prior to Monday 30th January 2017 16:00 (GMT +2). A great applicant has participated to at least one FGJ game jam between 2010-2017 and has a broad experience on game jams in Finland (and/or elsewhere) as well as an interesting portfolio of game jam projects.

Train Jam is a great opportunity to network with international game jam community and to spend an amazing trip from Chicago to San Francisco right before the GDC ( week. Train Jam 2017 is the 4th organized annual event of 52h (or in case of the train being early on final destination, only 51h) game jam taking place in a moving train. The jam is organized by Adriel Wallick, independent from Finnish Game Jam organization.

Finnish Game Jam Scholarship Program is founded to improve the mobility of the Finnish jammers and further enhance the international collaboration of the global jamming scene.

See all the details and apply for the scholarship from here.

Jam Jam 2017

Finnish Game Jam ry organizes the annual jam organizer get together, Jam Jam, at the Sappee ski resort during June 30th – July 2nd 2017. This year we invite all the organizers around the world to join us!

If you are a jam organizer, would like to organize your own jam or join a team: we would love to see you at Jam Jam 2017! #FGJ18 details will be put together at Jam Jam among other game jam planning. You can also come and plan your own jam with us! Even more important, we need to chill and chat about the jamtastic world – create new ideas, share thoughts, learn from other organizers – join our forces.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the registration! Hope to see lots of organizers and organizers-to-be next summer!

Finnish Game Jam Awards 2017

The Finnish Game Jam Awards will be held on April 26, 2017 at Steam Hellsinki and on The FGJ Awards is about celebrating Finnish jamming and giving recognition for creativity and the courage to stand out from the crowd.

You are all invited! Keep tuned for the registration and details!

Quantum Game Jam 2016

The third annual Quantum Game Jam will be organized on November 25-27. Quantum Game Jam brings together scientists and game makers to create games that help solve scientific problems and teach intuition of quantum phenomena. This year the main site will be at the Centre for Quantum Engineering (Otaniemi, Finland), but there are will be satellite sites around the globe for you to choose from or you can even organize your own satellite site. You can register to the main site or as an online jammer through this link.

In order to participate, you don’t need to be a professional game developer or a quantum scientist. All skills are needed from programming to drawing, from thinking quantum to making coffee. Game jamming is a constant learning process for beginners and pros alike, so come and learn together with others!

See more information from the Quantum Game Jam 2016 site.

Jam report: InnoGames Jam

Finnish Game Jam selected Panu Akrenius to receive a scholarship to join the InnoGames Jam at the gamescom and represent the Finnish jamming scene. Panu traveled to Cologne, Germany to jam among the 180 participants from 27 countries, and has now returned from the inspiring journey and shares his experiences in this report.

Jamming in Gamescom: The epic mix of work and fun


A very big Thanks to Finnish Game Jam and InnoGames for inviting me to a game jam in Cologne, Germany. I visited Gamescom two years ago, and I thought it was the best thing ever. Now I also had a chance to make games in there. The scholarship meant that basically my flights, accommodation and the ticket to Gamescom would be free. It’s difficult to think of anything as awesome as this.

Continue reading