Finnish Game Jam ry (FGJ) is a non-profit association founded to organize game jam events and support game creation hobby in Finland. Our main jam is the Finnish Game Jam (#FGJ), an annual multi-location game development event, which is part of the Global Game Jam (GGJ) taking place every January. In 2020 our main event gathered together over 1000 jammers and organizers around Finland on 22 different locations. Finnish Game Jam has been organized since 2010. We also celebrate the Finnish jamming scene annually with Finnish Game Jam Awards and run game jams with specific themes, such as Quantum Game Jam. More events are listed on our Event page.

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Our supporters

Our events are sponsored by many game organizations and companies. If you are interested in collaboration or our sponsor packages, please contact our sponsors team lead.

The Finnish Game Jam organization is also supported by Neogames, coordinator of Finnish Game cluster.

What is a game jam?

A game jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a single weekend or a similar short time span. Typically participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.

How can I become a jammer?

This part is easy! Find your preferred jam site using our Jam Calendars, register for the event and just show up!

If you are interested in running your own game jam we are happy to help you out. Please contact us for further info!