JamJam 2024 Workshops & Seminars


Improving Team Formation in Game Jams

Forming new teams is central to game jams. However, we lack the tools, methods, and techniques to improve this process. The creation of groups is often chaotic and random, generating problems with balancing skills, inclusion, and diversity. Decoding the intricate science of team collaboration, the workshop proposes an active method of design fiction to collaboratively validate what is needed to help game jam organizers improve their team formation process. This workshop also shares and is open to discussion of the initial results of research developed at the Collaborative Technologies Lab of Utrecht University regarding team formation in game development.

Pedro Zambon

Steal Like an Artist – Where Your Ideas Really Come From

In creativity, a common mistake is not being aware of who and what you are referencing at all times. Instead of running away from outside influences, let’s run towards them, and embrace grabbing the ideas of others’ in finding your own voice. “The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from.” – David Bowie

Juho Korhonen


Story Jams

Want some story in your game jam but don’t have time? This roundtable workshop will focus on how you can tackle that exact problem. Veteran narrative designer, Jarory de Jesus, welcomes you to a hands on, open discussion on how to develop narrative with limited time. This discussion will focus on narrative tools as well as go to structure to pull from when jamming. Got ideas of your own? Feel free to bring them to table.

Jarory de Jesus

Pinecone Cow Workshop

Everyone loves pinecone cows, right? Let’s get the creative juices flowing and create all kinds of pinecone critters! Why did we ever stop making these things?

Marika Mustalahti

PixelCraft 2.0

A workshop for admirers of pixel art and hand craft! You may join with no knowledge about, or skills in either, and quit with a cross-stitched patch of your favorite retro character (or something else) made by your own hands! Craft supplies provided <3

Irko Kekman

JamJam 1h Jam

Make a game in 1 hour! Use any tools you want and any platforms! No limitations, some themes will be generated randomly.

Henri Sarasvirta