FGJ Jam Jam 2016

Finnish Game Jam ry organizes the annual jam organizer get together, FGJ Jam Jam, at the Sappee ski resort during July 1st-3rd 2016. Sign up now!

If you are an organizer of FGJ affiliated game jams, planning to become one or an active member of the jamming community running your own jams, we would love to see you there! The main task for the weekend is to put together #FGJ17 and other game jams to come, but even more important, we need to chill and chat about the jamtastic Finland – create new ideas and share thoughts, join our forces.

Participating is free of charge, but includes a donation for the shared food and drinks budget. Minimum donation is 1 eur + expenses (Eventbrite fees). You are responsible of your own traveling costs, but if you are a student or unemployed traveling far, we have limited number of tickets that comes with a grant of 50% compensation (maximum of 50 eur) of your travel costs (reimbursed after your trip in return of receipts).