Finnish Game Jam has been awarded with Suomi Award 2018

Finnish Game Jam has received a prestige art award in Finland. Suomi-palkinto (Finland Award) is an annual arts and culture recognition and was granted by our Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sports, Sampo Terho. Suomi-palkinto has been awarded annually since 1993 and it can be granted as a recognition of an impactful career, remarkable achievement or promising initiative within the field of arts and culture.

Finnish Game Jam organization is in great company. Six other artists and groups were also awarded: legendary musician Remu Aaltonen, Alt Arkkitehdit, author and translator Jyrki Kiiskinen, Koko Jazz Club, creative director Paola Suhonen and movie director Selma Vilhunen.

“We have a lot of talent in Finland. Some of them work in groups, but many work alone. More and more of them have also gained international reputation. Creativity is born from individuals, which can be supported by the community and the surrounding society”, explains Minister Sampo Terho.

“This year we have wanted to honor remarkable artistic expertise with the Finland Award. Artists, who have been impacting the Finnish art scene for a long time. On the other hand, we have also wanted to recognize the new trends in the Finnish art and culture”, continues Terho.

Finnish Game Jam was recognized for our impact to the Finnish game making communities and as a unique organization also within the international landscape.

Finnish Game Jam would like to congratulate all the awarded artists and communities and thank everyone participating, collaborating and supporting our events!