Games from Edu Game Jam

Teachers and game developers gathered together and created four new games at the first Edu Game Jam at ITK-konferenssi, Hämeenlinna. The jam was co-organized by Finnish Game Jam and the Growing Mind research project, and supported by Ministry of Education and Culture and Lenovo. Check out the games:


The year is 2050, and not everything went quite as expected. Ecological catastrophe after ecological catastrophe have left the world barren. Still, you and your polar bear friend have heard rumours about an oasis somewhere in Sweden… The Eco Paradise!

This game is a co-op vocabulary game Finnish-Swedish for learning words relating to the environment.


Kod – Teemu Kokkonen
Ordlista och berättelse – Leena Karmitsa
Grafik – Christina Lassheikki
Musik – Lauri Leskinen

Ion in a Jar

Control falling ion collector by tilting phone to left & right. Collect correct ions to make 3 balanced compounds. Tap the salt crystals to break them.


Chemistry: Anni Kukko
Graphics: Laura K. Horton
Music: Lauri Leskinen
Code+sfx: Henri Sarasvirta


PhilologiX is a 8-level grid game designed to teach basic coding skills. Layout of the game is build upon the greatest thinkers of (our time.) western philosophy.. ? The goal of the game is to deliver certain type of “followers” for a famous philosopher on each level. Player has to modify properties of the “bleps” by coding in order to fulfill the mission given.


Ville Ilkkala –  programming, design, graphics
Annakaisa Kultima –  graphics
Aino Laurila – graphics, design, writing
Laura Apell – design, writing
Lauri Leskinen – music

Yhdys sana peli

In Yhdys sana peli, the player identifies compound words in Finnish
language based on pictures. In each picture combination there is only
one grammatically correct compound word. For example the alternatives
could be pimeänäkö, pimeä aine and pimeä raha. Only the first one is a
compound word. Additional challenge comes from identifying the
pictures correctly.
Gotta match ’em all!


Programmer: Juliana Vaculikova
Art: Jaakko Stenros