Here are the Finnish Game Jam Awards 2017!

Each year, Finnish Game Jam ry wants to give recognition to games for their unique ways to stand from the crowd. The awarded games come from different jams organized by FGJ, including of course our biggest game jam, #FGJ17. Out of over 250 games from the 2016-2017 season, we selected eight games for their creativity, exploration, and diversity.

Social Skills Edugame Award
Hi, or not, FGJ Otaniemi
Joakim Isaksson, Henri Niva, Xiaoxiao Ma, Athina Giokarini, Marie Kumpulainen, Harri Dammert, Mikko Kolehmainen

This game manages to provide a true depiction of Finnish social interaction, focusing on a central aspect of our everyday life. Hi or Not touches the struggle of the social pressure experienced by many unfortunate lives – and does it with staggering relentlessness. Playing this game may expose you to excessive social situations and should be played in a controlled environment. A deep and reflective learning experience is guaranteed.

Battle of the Body Award
HeatWaves, FGJ Helsinki Analog
Henna Tuunainen, Iiris Sumu, Virpi Sumu

Even though the female body is often visible in media, its functions remain as a mystified taboo. Therefore, we are glad to see a game about one of the processes most women go through: the menopause. The issue has been transformed into a clever board game where the two sides of the battle – the forever young maiden and the inevitably aging hag – fight of the ownership of the body. Kudos for the brave initiative on a less explored yet important topic!

Pixel Sport Award
Waveout! FGJ Oulu
Tatu Meriläinen, Tuukka Lehtonen, Robin ten Wolde, Aki Latvamäki, Sampo Närhi, Sami Nyyssölä

Paying homage to the beauty of a pixel, this game portrays the future of sports entertainment game shows. As the premier game show of tomorrow, it features exhilarating athletic performances and addictive gameplay, while spot-on hosts and sound effects create a truly immersive experience. Waveout’s graphical style brings the whole together in glorious fashion, showing that only a few pixels are required to set the stage for a truly gladiatorial battle of the waves.

WINRAR Tanks it All Award
3D Wave Tank, FGJ Oulu
Ilpo Alatalo, Risto Ihalainen, Tuukka Lampela, Sampo Jumisko

This tribute to oldskool action reveals a crazy twist in the core game mechanics. The wavy duel simulation of 3D Wave Tank is sure to cause confusion, chaos and hilarious moments between the players. While the circular waves from the ammunition serve as a clever way to bring complexity into an otherwise simple game, it is an interesting mechanic that could have its uses in other types of games as well. Tanks have never changed the world like this before.

For teh Science Award
HeatBox, Quantum Game Jam 2016
Paavo Happonen, Samuli Jääskeläinen, Boris Sokolov, Aleksis Karme

What would be more exciting than the pursuit of true scientific advancement and the entrapment of ordinary people, with games, in VR? HeatBox, Created at Quantum Game Jam 2016, has a great potential as a gamification of a highly important nontrivial research problem for quantum physics and, specifically, for developing quantum computers. This prominent game prototype utilizes VR gameplay for outsourcing algorithmic exploration through people playing games. Using game design and quantum physics theories together is a new and exciting field which is rapidly growing and where citizen science is starting to play a major role. HeatBox will be among the great pioneers in that.

Kahen Kilon Award
Siikasaurus, ASM Game Jam ’16
Samuli Jääskeläinen, Sofi Kurtti, Joonas Mäkinen, Meri Rekiranta

This game honors two important milestones in our time: Playstation 1 and the creation of one of the most memorable memes in Finland. Appropriately created at the Assembly Computer Festival, this game is a throwback to the innocent and good times of the internets and video games – with a modern flavor. With a fitting cover art and psychedelic graphics Siikasaurus induces a unique state of madness and focus for the player.

Suomi 100 Award
Alvar Aalto – The Experience, FGJ Turku
Emma Louhivuori, Sonja Yrjölä, Frida Lindholm

Finland has a great design history to be proud of! Thanks to Global Game Jam 2017, we now have thousands of games honoring one of the greatest designers of all times: Our very own Alvar Aalto, THE Mr. Wave. Alvar Aalto – The Experience tops all other aalto-games with an accurate recreation of our design superstar’s struggle to turn pieces of furniture into timeless classics.

Et Sinä Minua Aalto Saa Award
Jack the Skipper, FGJ Joensuu
Arhi Makkonen, Miikka Vihersaari, Antti Vikman, Joonas Rauha, Roope Timonen, Patrik Eronen, Ville Lapakko, Kristian Syyslehto, Roope Timonen

Audio design and the game writing bring the final touches to this overall aesthetic game experience. Jack the Skipper is a beautiful and stylistic puzzle game that excels in its voice acting and sound design. The dynamic audiotrack portrays a seasoned sailor trying to keep the cargo intact while the storm rages on. This linguistic masterpiece with polished everything brings the world alive, keeping the player both entertained and in suspense.

In addition to the game awards, Finnish Game Jam awarded Henri Sarasvirta as the Superjammer of the Year 2016 for exemplary and courageous jamming, Neogames as the Jamtivist of the Year 2016 for their remarkable and continuous support for the Finnish Game Jam, FGJ AV Team for their outstanding contribution for the game jam organizing, and Futureplay Games, Grand Cru, and Rovio for their outstanding support as the sponsors of the #FGJ17 event.