Welcome to Jam Jam 2022

Jam Jam is a two-day summer festival and retreat for game jam organizers and anyone interested in learning, discussing and sharing ideas on game jams.

Jam Jam 2022 consists of a workshop day and talks on game jams and jam games. During your visit you can decide what you work on – bring your jam organizing team and work with planning or debriefing your jams or come without an agenda and talk with all other jam organizers and jam-organizers-to-be, brainstorming new jams and sharing lessons on organizing events.

Retreat in a cozy cabin environment

The event is located in the middle of a Finnish forest, on top of a mountain called Sappeenvuori – about 2 hour car ride from Helsinki (see details from Sappee.fi). The venue consists of eight well-equipped cabins with saunas and hot tubs surrounded by the beauty of a Finnish forest and the power of the midnight sun of the Northern summer.

Join the team of volunteers

Right now we are looking for volunteers to make the event possible to organize. Please fill the forms below if you are interested to be involved in one of the greatest events in Finnish Jamming Summer!

  • Volunteer Applications here
  • Early Bird Tickets on sale here
  • Workshop Apllication (for participants) here

Thank you FGJ22 Sponsors

Hello this is Chris Castro, the treasurer and sponsor lead in Finnish Game Jam. I want to personally thank the continual support of Skunkworks as our Gold Sponsor. Thank you Supercell for becoming our Silver Sponsor. Many thanks to Lightneer joining as our Bronze Sponsor. The FGJ22 became a success because of your support.

Chris Castro, FGJ Treasurer & Sponsor Lead

Greetings from Tampere Site

In Finnish Game Jam 2022, Tampere is one of the biggest sites! They’ve managed to gather 74 participants online. Tampere Site Organizer Pekka Nordlund, how’s it going so far?

“Warmest greetings from Tampere! We started this year with two ice-breaker evenings, filling the pre-jam anticipation with some good old laughter over online gaming.

Our site is nice and busy with jammers joining us all the way over from Oulu and Rovaniemi, and with us being online, we’ve even heard a game pitch live from a grocery store! Today we organizers will be hosting a pizza draw to follow the Tampere pizza tradition with the help of our local sponsors (Tampere Game Hub and 10tons Entertainment) so it’s safe to say that games will be made!”

Pekka Nordlund, Tampere Site Organizer

Finnish Game Jam 2022 Programme

📣 Are we ready for some fun and jamming? Creating games together with awesome people? Of course we are! Get your jamming mood ready, because this weekend thousands of people around the globe will be game jamming! 🌍

Friday 28.1.2022

18:00 Opening ceremony

19:00 Discussion around this years jam & theme (Guest: Ville Heiskanen)

20:00 Going down memory-lane w/ Vesa

Saturday 29.1.2022

12:00 Teemu – President of FGJ – “What is happening in FGJ during 2022”

14:00 Interview with Emyl Merzoud

15:00 Interview with Sun Park (30min) – “Hello from GGJ22, South Korea”

17:00 FGJ Awards 2021

18:00 Interviewing jammers / sites

21:00 Playing 2021 FGJ Awards games

Sunday 30.1.2022

12:00 Interview with Christina Lassheikki

13:00 Interviewing jammers / sites

14:00 Last hours of the jam & final instructions

*Schedule might be subject to change during weekend

To share your experience, remember our hashtags: #FGJ22 #GGJ22 #FGJ

All FGJ22 sites open for registration!

All Finnish Game Jam 2022 sites are now open for registration! Joining are:

FGJ Helsinki Arabia Online

FGJ Satakunta Online

FGJ Helsinki PHZ Game Studios

FGJ Helsinki Skunkworks

FGJ Jyväskylä Online


FGJ Kuopio Online

FGJ Kymenlaakso Online

FGJ Lahti Online

FGJ Lappeenranta Online

FGJ Tampere Online

FGJ Turku Online

FGJ Ylivieska Online

FGJ Helsinki HypeHype Online

✨ FGJ Aalto GAME (Invite only)

Finnish Game Jam 2022

#FGJ22 is a game development event run in connection to Global Game Jam. #FGJ22 is arranged on 28th – 30th of January – as a part of Global Game Jam. With various different #FGJ22 online locations, Finland is celebrating the 13th Global Game Jam in 2022! To hear the latest updates, follow this page and our other channels:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FinnishGameJam
Twitter: https://twitter.com/finnishgamejam
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/FinnishGameJam
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/finnishgamejam
Discord: https://discord.gg/5hMyXB3tyQ

How to join?

Participation requires registration through our Eventbrite page – each location has their own registration. All of the locations are different, contact your local organizer if you need more info.

What is a game jam?

A game jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a single weekend or a similar short time span. Typically participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.

What is a Global Game Jam?

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event taking place around the world at physical locations in every January. In 2017, jammers in 700 locations in 95 countries created over 7000 games.

What is Finnish Game Jam and #FGJ22?

Finnish Game Jam ry (FGJ) is a registered association founded to organize game jam events in Finland. Our main event is our annual game development event, which is part of the Global Game Jam (GGJ). This year’s event is called #FGJ22, and comprises of several game jam locations organized all around Finland. In #FGJ17, we had 22 locations, 888 jammers and 222 games created in one weekend!

Pride Game Jam Helsinki is here again, fully online 2-4 July 2021!

Pride Game Jam Helsinki is an annual three day game jam that celebrates LGBTQIA+ people by creating a safe space for expressing one’s gender, sexual and romantic experience through art, music and video games.

The event aims to educate on LGBTQIA+ experiences, and help budding game devs to learn key skills in teamwork, design, and familiarize with relevant software. Everyone is welcome, including allies, regardless of skill level and background.

Pride Game Jam Helsinki is part of Helsinki Pride Week 2021, and is organized by Finnish Game Jam ry in partnership with Helsinki Pride ry. Last year our jam ran as a hybrid jam, and this year we’re fully online. The main platform for the jam is our Discord server, to which you will be invited after registration. Panel talks, workshops and speakers will be streamed directly through Twitch, and game submissions will be through itch.io.

Sign up on Eventbrite

The event is completely free and the tickets are available in Eventbrite until June 27. If you sign up by June 22, you also get a care package with stickers, sponsored swag and snacks!

Before signing up, please familiarize yourself with the event’s code of conduct.

Follow our social media to find out more, and sign up for your tickets before they run out!

Eventbrite tickets: https://bit.ly/3uHp6pD

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/337692694448235 

The biggest jam of the year is getting closer!

#FGJ21 will happen January 29-31st 2021, as a part of Global Game Jam. If you want to organise your own site now its the time to register.

As you may have noticed, we are having a little unconventional year, which understandably also affects jamming, and the next GGJ/ # FGJ21 jam. Therefore, we have unsurprisingly made the decision to host the next event fully online. 

Head out now to https://globalgamejam.org/ to register a site for your City, School or Company.
To name your site use the following formula:

“FGJ” + “City/School/Company/Organisation/Institution.” + “Online”

(Example: FGJ Lahti Online). 

Organising a fully online jam might be a first for most of us, so feel free to send us a message in case you have any questions! 

Check out the Eventbrite to see already established sites!

PrideGameJam HKI2020 sponsors!

PrideGameJam HKI2020 wouldn’t be possible without our great sponsors!

Oh My Game as our BRONZE Sponsor! One of the most welcoming gaming spaces in Vantaa! 👉 Go check them out at https://ohmygame.fi

Unicorn Pirates Studio as our BRONZE Sponsor for this event! Shoutout to the inclusive work they do for Gaming! Check them out at https://unicornpirates.studio

Rovio as PLATINUM Sponsor for this event! You know who they are and how amazing their games are! Pay them a visit at https://www.rovio.com