ASM FGJ 14 organising continues

We want to thank everyone who stood against the IeSF on the issue of men-only tournaments and those who supported our message to the Assembly organisers to not take part in events supporting discriminating practices. Due to the vocal gamer community and the outrage in social media and news, the IeSF moved quickly and changed their eSports gender policies. Following the IeSF’s rule change, the IeSF competitions at Assembly are now open for everyone. This is an important achievement for eSports, the gaming community and equality in general.

We would like to emphasise that FGJ will never be part of any event which supports – directly or indirectly – any discrimination based on race, gender or sexuality and we are ready to act decisively in order to ensure an equal and comfortable game jamming environment for everyone.

Finnish Game Jam loves Assembly and we are happy to continue the organising process of ASM FGJ 14 to provide more opportunities for the jamming community to collaborate and share their passion for game development.

Stay tuned for the registration for ASM FGJ 14 – See you at Assembly Summer 2014!