Assembly Game Jam ’14

Finnish Game Jam ry is organizing a game jam event at Assembly now for the second time. ASM JAM ’14 is open to everyone participating in Assembly Summer 2014. You can jam from wherever you wish inside the party venue with a normal ticket, or you can buy a special Game Jam computer place ticket which grants you a place near the other jammers.

The jam starts on Thursday at 18.00 and ends on Sunday at 06.00 but you can join whenever is suitable for you. Teams are made on site so join along by yourself or with friends.

The topic will be released on Thursday and it will be the same for everyone. The jam is a game development event, not a competition. That means you can go and try to create some of your wildest ideas. So, make a game in one weekend from an idea to a playable game. Qapla’!

The timetable is subject to change.

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