Finnish Game Jam at Assembly Summer 2015

Finnish Game Jam ry is organizing a game jam event at Assembly Summer. ASM JAM ’15 is open to everyone participating in Assembly Summer 2015. Facebook event page:

How to participate:

  • If you need a computer place: We have special jammer tickets available at the price of 40 euros which can be purchased from the Finnish Game Jam webshop (
  • The Finnish Game Jam Association grants limited scholarships to the most enthusiastic jammers. Tell us why should you get a free place at ASM Jam and thine wish might just come true! Let us know by sending email to at latest on July 14th.
  • If you already have a computer place: It is possible to jam anywhere on the Assembly site. Just come to the ASM JAM info desk before the registration time ends, register your team and start jamming! If you want to be relocated to the jamming area let us know.

Teams are formed on site but you can come with a team. Game jams are about teamwork, meeting new friends and exploring new idea as well as an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people.


The theme is announced on Thursday at 18.00 and jamming starts 19.00. You can start/join jamming until Friday 21.00. Game submitting deadline is on Sunday 09.00. The timetable is subject to change.

Got questions? Ask freely: