Greetings from Tampere Site

In Finnish Game Jam 2022, Tampere is one of the biggest sites! They’ve managed to gather 74 participants online. Tampere Site Organizer Pekka Nordlund, how’s it going so far?

“Warmest greetings from Tampere! We started this year with two ice-breaker evenings, filling the pre-jam anticipation with some good old laughter over online gaming.

Our site is nice and busy with jammers joining us all the way over from Oulu and Rovaniemi, and with us being online, we’ve even heard a game pitch live from a grocery store! Today we organizers will be hosting a pizza draw to follow the Tampere pizza tradition with the help of our local sponsors (Tampere Game Hub and 10tons Entertainment) so it’s safe to say that games will be made!”

Pekka Nordlund, Tampere Site Organizer