Jam Jam 2018 attracted game jam organizers around the world together

On June 29th, almost 70 game jam organizers from all over the world arrived into the middle of a Finnish forest in Sappee, Finland. Here the Finnish Game Jam organized the annual Jam Jam Festival. For three days, jam organizers and jammers discussed, networked and shared ideas.


Friday’s seminar was full with interesting talks, such as Sun Park talking about making weird games every month, Astrid Mie Refstrup about the obstacles for event organizing, and Arvi Teikari talking about the jam-born Baba is You game. The full list of the speeches included:

  • Project.99 – Making Weird Games Every Month – Sun Park, Turtle Cream
  • Event Organising – All the Obstacles to Look Out for – Astrid Mie Refstrup, Nordic Game Jam
  • Finding Identity of Slavic Game Jam over the Years  – Kacper Domański, Slavic Game Jam
  • Molesting the Match-3 Market and other Jammed Games – Petri Purho
  • Baba is You – Arvi Teikari
  • How I Tried to MAKE MUSIC 4 UR GAMES – Elie Abraham, Elie & Ian
  • Jamming Across the World – Some Challenges of Jamming in Different
  • Countries and Cultures – Jo Summers, Global Game Jam
  • Why Game Jam – A Story about Personal and Communal Benefits  – Miikka Harjuntausta
  • Jamming a Game while Cycling 600 km on a Tandem – Jonne Harja & Samuli Jääskeläinen


Saturday and Sunday consisted from more than 10 workshops, that anyone of the participants could organize. The workshops also including a 1h game jam, in which the participants created 8 games. In addition, the #JamBike duo Jonne Harja and Samuli Jääskeläinen arrived to the place with their tandem bike, coding a game as they cycled 60 km to the location. All participants were even given the possibility to try to ride and code with the bike.


In addition to the official program, a lot of sharing, discussing and creating new jam ideas happened in the 8 hot tubs and 9 saunas of the 8 cabins reserved for the festival. One of the saunas was even located in a bus that was driven from Kotka to Sappee just for the weekend.


IGDA Finland and some IGDA’s international guests convened in the Jam Jam as well, and the combination of game jam organizers and IGDA community was certainly a fruitful one.


Thanks to all participants for the successful event, and our sponsors Boozembly, Korulab and Futureplay Games and our supporter Neogames! Jam Jam will be back in 2019!


Jam Jam 2018 tickets now available

Finnish Game Jam is organizing the annual game jam retreat, Jam Jam, for game jam organizers and anyone interested in learning, discussing and sharing ideas on game jams.

The tickets are now available and will cover the rent of the cottages, Friday’s seminar, lunches, snacks and the bus rides from Helsinki and back. You can also buy a ticket only for the one-day seminar or volunteer as a help for the weekend. See more and get a ticket from Eventbrite.

Jam Jam 2018 is located in the middle of a Finnish forest, on top of a mountain called Sappeenvuori – about 2h car ride from Helsinki (see details from Sappee.fi). The Jam Jam 2018 is also supported by Neogames.

Games from Edu Game Jam

Teachers and game developers gathered together and created four new games at the first Edu Game Jam at ITK-konferenssi, Hämeenlinna. The jam was co-organized by Finnish Game Jam and the Growing Mind research project, and supported by Ministry of Education and Culture and Lenovo. Check out the games: Continue reading

Edu Game Jam

Finnish Game Jam and Growing Mind research project are organizing Edu Game Jam, an initiative to run game jams on educational content and contexts.

In the first Edu Game Jam at the ITK conference in Hämeenlinna 11.-13.4.2018, a small group of game professionals and students join together with teachers and educational scientists to create games – in a truck!

Everybody is free to come and visit the jam. Games will be available on Friday, 13.4. Find our truck outside the conference building and come play!


Sami Game Jam

Sami themes will become games in Utsjoki on 21st-25th of February 2018.

Digital games will be used to explore Sami culture as the Sami Game Jam arrives in Utsjoki, Finland’s northernmost municipality, in February 2018. Experienced game developers and Sami people interested in game development will be invited to co-create gameful explorations of various Sami themes.

Continue reading

New locations for #FGJX

Finnish Game Jam will celebrate the 10th Global Game Jam in January with jamming locations all over Finland! We have now opened the registration for many new locations. #FGJX will include more than 20 locations, including sites focused on larp, VR and board games. Choose your favorite!

See all updates about #FGJX from our web page and from Facebook.

Games helping quantum physics

Six new games were born during last weekend in the Quantum Game Jam 2017. In the jam organized already for the fourth time by Finnish Game Jam and University of Turku, scientists and game makers worked together to create games that help quantum physics to solve scientific problems and build intuition of quantum phenomena. The teams had three themes to choose from: ‘Quantum Blackbox Reborn’, ‘Riding a Beam of Light’ and ‘Watching the Quantum’. Check and download the games from the jam’s Itch page.

Quantum Game Jam 2017

#quantumjam is back on December 8th-10th! Quantum Game Jam is a game jam that brings together scientists and game makers to create games that help quantum physics to solve scientific problems and build intuition of quantum phenomena. Quantum Game Jam is organized in collaboration with Finnish Game Jam and University of Turku.

Quantum Game Jam 2017 is an online jam, but you are free to organize your own site and invite jammers to join jamming with you! You can also join a physical location in Turku, Finland – join and register to this location at Eventbrite!

We have a Discord channel for all participants to chat and find team members. Join here: https://discord.gg/Za4N5DZ. Show your friends on Facebook that you are going to jam with us at https://www.facebook.com/events/1649396141757438/.

The theme(s) of the Quantum Game Jam 2017 will be released on Friday of the jam weekend. Follow announcements on our Facebook event and Discord.

Quantum Game Jam also offers *black box*, a tool for creating crowdsourcing game projects for quantum physics. Join the Discord server or Facebook event for more information!

#FGJX registration is open!

In January 2018, Finland is celebrating the 10th Global Game Jam with various #FGJX locations!

The registration for the first 11 #FGJX sites has now opened at http://finnishgamejam.eventbrite.com! Each location has their own registration. If you cannot find your favorite location yet, do not despair, as we will still be adding new locations!

Pocket Jam #2 games are out!

For the second time, Finnish Game Jam in collaboration with Pocket Gamer organized a game jam in the midst of the Pocket Gamer Connects conference in Helsinki. In less than 30 hours, 11 games were made by 40 participants.

Pocket Gamer picked three winning games from the batch: Fate in Humanity (1st place), Bardhalla (2nd place) and Plan Love from Outer Space (3rd place). The winners get to showcase their games at Pocket Gamer Connects London. We also teamed up with Nordic Game Jam, and will send the Fate in Humanity team to Nordic Game Jam 2018.

Check out all the games from our itch.io page and watch the gameplay videos below: