Crossing Latitudes Jam is here again!

We are thrilled to announce that Crossing Latitudes Jam organized by Finnish Game Jam and W Love Games in collaboration with the Brazil Embassy in Helsinki is approaching!

🗓️ Mark your calendars: 30.05 – 02.06.2024 

For the second year we invite you to the exciting journey that transcends borders and bridges the gap between two vibrant gaming communities from Brazil and Finland.  As the name of the jam indicates, we welcome everyone to be part of an extraordinary cross-cultural collaboration no matter where in the world you are! 

Embrace the power of diversity and knowledge sharing as Finnish and Brazilian game developers and students unite for an incredible online event. Together, we’ll explore the rich tapestry of our two cultures, fostering connections, and sparking innovation in the gaming world.

How to join the jam?

To join the jam you need to click on “Join Jam” on our jam’s page – CLICK HERE.

Once you have joined the jam, make sure to join official Crossing Latitudes – Discord server which will be the main platform for the online jam. In Discord you will find more information and guidelines of the jam.​

What’s in store for you?

✨ Cultural Fusion

Immerse yourself in a unique experience where Finnish and Brazilian game development expertise intertwine. Discover new perspectives, narratives, and artistic styles that transcend boundaries.

​✨ Cross-Country Collaboration

Forge lasting connections with talented individuals from both Finland and Brazil. Engage in fruitful discussions, exchange ideas, and fuel your creativity with the collective wisdom of two dynamic gaming communities.

​✨ Knowledge Sharing

Learn from the best! Participate in enlightening discussions, and mentorship throughout the jam, gaining invaluable insights into game design, storytelling, technology, and more, as industry experts share their wisdom.

​✨ Collaborative Game Development

Team up with like-minded enthusiasts and put your skills to the test! Embark on an exciting game development journey, fueled by the fusion of Finnish and Brazilian influences. Create innovative games that capture the essence of cultural exchange and friendship.

​✨ Gains and Recognition

Showcase your talent and open the doors to amazing opportunities! Earn recognition from a distinguished panel of judges, including renowned game developers and industry leaders. Your creativity could be rewarded and celebrated on an international stage, with showcasing your team and work at annual international game development conference W Love Games (October 12-13, 2023)!

​The event is free to attend and you can join by simply registering at dedicated page. The event will be hosted fully online through Discord and Twitch channels, and accessible for everyone. 

​Ready to embark on this incredible adventure? Register now and secure your spot in the Finland-Brazil Game Jam. Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of game development, one cultural exchange at a time!